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A graphic of black, gold, bronze and white glitter explosion
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After 12 years beauty experience & working various roles in the beauty industry I finally discovered a passion for brows just 2 years ago when I was introduced to Brow Lamination during the national lockdown. For those 2 years brows have been my focus and in my local area I am referred to as ‘The Brow Queen’ by many, now I've decide to upgrade that Kingdom into an Empire.

Since building my brow business up over the last year and becoming a qualified educator I have also become a published author in The Brow Magazine & a brand ambassador for The Brow Geek.

I have placed Top 40 in the UK Hair & Beauty Awards for ‘best for Brows 2022’ and went onto becoming an award-winning brow artist claiming 1st place and winning the SMHBA trophy for ‘Social Media’s Brow Lamination Artist of the Year’.

As a Brow Lamination Educator I have already shared my online masterclasses globally and have shared my secrets and brow expertise with the world, teaching as far as Indiana, Nevada, Slovenia, California and even Australia.

My brow techniques, combined with my self-taught methods brings you an exclusive brow lamination masterclass, available to all aspiring beginners and experienced brow artists.

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After finding a love for Brow Lamination I decided I wanted to encourage brow artists to up their brow game, I wanted to share my self-taught techniques and train students at a high professional standard with a consistent high level of support throughout their career. I receive daily requests asking how I get my brow laminations so sleek or the brow hairs lying flat, so after much thought I decided it was time to share my secrets, my favourite go-to products and my extensive brow knowledge with the world... leading me to launch my online Brow Academy ‘The Brow Empire’.

I am continuously learning more about brows every day and working on new tricks and techniques to maintain my title as one of the best brow experts in my local area.

I believe as Brow artists we never stop learning; therefore, I feel it is my duty as an Educator to teach my self-taught techniques to other brow technicians with a passion to learn, sharing with them my secrets on how to create the perfect sleek or feathered brow so they too have the potential and the confidence to build their own successful brow empire & become their own brow boss.

I only use high end professional products to achieve the best results and my masterclasses have full disclosure on all my go-to products that I use to create the perfect brow. My masterclasses and courses are updated accordingly, for example when I learn new techniques or come across new products. I keep in contact with my students throughout their brow journey if they need me, and continuously provide a high level of support.

Are you looking to create that perfect sleek, feathered brow? Then join my Brow Empire and let me share my techniques and secrets exclusively with you...

*Please note – masterclasses are not accredited courses and are designed to help you perfect the techniques you are already qualified for*

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As well as creating my masterclasses, I'm still busy working in my salon to perfect my brow game. Want to book in to use my services? Take a look at what's on offer and the client reviews below, then head to the contact page to get in touch, or send me a message on Instagram.

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A photograph of one of The Brow Empire clients highlighting their beautiful laminated brows

I will always go to Laura for any of my brow needs. She is meticulous with her work and will not stop until your brows are perfection! Her after care advice is amazing and always leaves my brows looking freshly laminated for weeks!

Ellie - Brow Lamination & Maintenance Client

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